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The inception of the Botany department as under graduate department came into existence in the year 1 July, 1965. Since then, the department has made remarkable progress both in teaching and research. In 2005 ,the PG course was  started in the department under self finance scheme. Both UG and PG courses were affiliated with HNB Garhwal University, a central university. PG  students also secured positions in the HNBGU main merit list. UG course is government aided course. After establishment of SGRRU by the education mission of Shri Guru Ram Rai in 2017 all the self finance courses of the college were shifted to that university. At present the department is offering UG course under choice based credit system (CBCS). The department has awarded 4 Ph.D.'s and 41 dissertations to P.G. students.
The department has UG laboratory with LCD facility, well equipped research laboratory, herbarium and its own library. The library consist of 395 text books, 50 reference books and journals.  The department is known for its outstanding research activities particularly in the field of Ecology,  Palaeobotany, Taxonomy, Palynology, Mycology and Plant Pathology. Two major projects (DST-SERB & CSIR) are in the Department's credit under Dr Arun Joshi (PI). Two faculty members (with Ph.D. degree) and  two technical  staff are presently engaged.  
The faculty members  of the department have published research papers, book, chapters in a book and actively participate in administrative works. They are members of various academic and research bodies.  Faculty members are continuously participated in different seminars, workshops and training programs, conducted by different institutions and universities within India and abroad. The department is also linked with BSI and FRI for study and research. 
In the memory of former head of the department late Dr (Mrs) Seema Saxena, her family has initiated "Smt. Seema Saxena Smriti Puruskar" every year from 2019 onwards is being given to the meritorious student of bio group (CBZ & ZBG) at UG level.
Alumni of the department are well placed in different services like Banking, Defence, Teaching etc.
To empower students with innovative life skills and social value for global competency. Students be encouraged to take some of the credits from humanities for their holistic development.
Future Perspectives
Yearly field excursion/ study tour to the meritorious students of each semester to get familiarized with the basic concepts and techniques of plant collection.
Extension of herbarium with the help of students to generate keen interest amongst them to take up taxonomy for their higher studies.
Development of Botanical garden to increase the green cover area of the college campus.
To strengthen collaboration with other scientific institutions/ colleges/ Universities like CAP, Doon University, Sri Dev Suman University,  UCOST etc.

1B.Sc. Botany Syllabus View

Dr. Poonam Sharma

Assistant Professor & HOD
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Dr. Arun Joshi

Assistant Professor (Visiting)
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Mr. Chandra Shekhar Khali

Lab Assistant

Shri Mahesh Chand

Lab Bearer

Ph.D Research Scholar

 YearTypeFunding AgencyByAmount
12019Any OtherCSIR- INDIADr. Arun Joshi0.00
22017Any OtherDST-SERB Dr. Arun Joshi0.00
 TypePaper/Book TitleName of Journal/Book Year  By
1JournalDispersed Permian megaspores from Rajmahal Basin, Jharkhand. Species 2020Peer ReviewedInternational JournalDr. Arun Joshi
2JournalGeneric Diversity of fresh water algae from Dehradun.Remarking An Analisation 2020Peer ReviewedInternational JournalDr. Arun Joshi
3JournalGeneric Diversity of fresh water algae from DehradunRemarking An Analisation-2020Peer ReviewedInternational JournalDr. Poonam Sharma
4JournalPalaeoenvironment interpretation for Barakar Formation, Rajmahal Basin, Jharkhand, India.International Journal of Current Science and Technology 2019Peer ReviewedInternational JournalDr. Arun Joshi
5JournalData analysis of angiosperms from Renuka Wetland, Himachal Pradesh.Phytotaxonomy 2019Peer ReviewedNational JournalDr. Arun Joshi
6JournalData analysis of angiosperms from Renuka Wetland, Himachal PradeshPhytotaxonomy-2019Peer ReviewedNationalDr. Poonam Sharma
7JournalIn situ occurrence of Vertebraria indica from the Rajmahal Open Cast Mine, Rajmahal Basin, India: an evidence for coal forming vegetation. Journal of Terrestrial and Marine Research 2018Peer ReviewedInternational JournalDr. Arun Joshi
8JournalPalynology and detrital zircon geochronology of the Carboniferous Fenestella Shale Formation of the Tethyan relam in Kashmir Himalaya: Implications for global correlation and floristic evolution.Journal of Asian Earth Sciences 2018UGC Listed JournalInternational JournalDr. Arun Joshi
9JournalSinghisporites rajmahalensis sp. nov. – A new megaspore species from Barakar Formation, Rajmahal Basin, Jharkhand. Species 2018Peer ReviewedInternational JournalDr. Arun Joshi
10JournalEndangered species of Ethnobotanical important plants, Rajmahal Basin, Jharkhand, India.World Journal of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences 2018Peer ReviewedInternational JournalDr. Arun Joshi
11BookBasics of Plant Physiology and MetabolismAcademic Books India, New Delhi. ISBN: 978-81-933628-9-1 2018Any OtherNationalDr. Arun Joshi
12JournalSome important medicinal plants of Dehradun Zoo, UttarakhandWorld Journal of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences-2018Peer ReviewedInternational JournalDr. Poonam Sharma
13JournalGlossopteris mohudaensis Chandra and Surange, 1979 from the Barakar Formation, Early Permian, Prakasham Khani Open Cast Mine II, Manuguru Area, Telangana, India.Journal of Terrestrial and Marine Research 2017Peer ReviewedInternational JournalDr. Arun Joshi
14JournalThe Glossopteris flora of Manuguru Area, Godavari Graben, Telangana, India.The Palaeobotanist 2017Peer ReviewedInternational JournalDr. Arun Joshi
15JournalRamispinatispora gouthamkhaniensis sp. nov. : a new megaspore from Early Permian, Barakar Formation, Goutham Khani Open Cast Mine, Kothagudem Area, Telangana, India.Global Journal of Bio- Science and Biotechnology 2016Peer ReviewedInternational JournalDr. Arun Joshi
16JournalEarly Triassic palynomorphs (miospores and megaspores) from Kuraloi block, Belphar Area, Ib River Coalfield, Son Mahanadi Basin, Odisha.Journal of Geological Society of India 2016UGC Listed JournalNational JournalDr. Arun Joshi
17JournalGlossopteris taenioides Feistmantel, 1882 from the Barakar Formation, Early Permian, Prakasham Khani Open Cast Mine II, Manuguru Area, Telangana, India.International Journal of Current Research 2016Peer ReviewedInternational JournalDr. Arun Joshi
18JournalPollen Morphology of some Angiospermic (Dicotyledonous) plants of DehradunInternational Transactions in Applied Sciences-2016Peer ReviewedInternational JournalDr. Poonam Sharma
19JournalOccurrence and Diversity of Soil Mycoflora in some selected Brassica Growing Agricultural fields of Dehradun District of Uttarakhand HimalayaInternational Journal of Pure and Applied Bioscience-2016Peer ReviewedInternational JournalDr. Poonam Sharma
20JournalEarly Permian megaspores from Goutham Khani Open Cast Mine, Kothagudem Area Godavari Graben, Telangana.The Palaeobotanist 2015Peer ReviewedInternational JournalDr. Arun Joshi
21JournalOccurrence of Vertebraria indica (Unger) Feistmantel, 1877 – an evidence for coal-forming vegetation in Kothagudem area, Godavari Graben, Telangana. Current Science 2015UGC Listed JournalNational JournalDr. Arun Joshi
22JournalPlant diversity in the Kamthi Formation of India- A review.The Palaeobotanist 2014Peer ReviewedNational JournalDr. Arun Joshi
23JournalIGMIS-A computer aided information system on Indian Gondwana megaspores.Current Science 2014UGC Listed JournalNational JournalDr. Arun Joshi
24JournalDominant Aspergillus spp. in AeromycofloraInternational Transactions in Applied Sciences-2011Peer ReviewedInternational JournalDr. Poonam Sharma
25JournalA Survey of aeromycoflora of libraries of Dehradun DistrictInternational Transactions in Applied Sciences-2009Peer ReviewedInternational JournalDr. Poonam Sharma
26JournalUnisexual flowers from the Deccan Intertrappean (Maetrichtian) bed of Madhya Pradesh, IndiaPalaeobotanist -2003Peer ReviewedInternational JournalDr. Poonam Sharma
27JournalPalynostratigraphy of Late Palaeocene and Early Eocene sediments of Rajasthan, IndiaPalaeontographica-2001Peer ReviewedInternational JournalDr. Poonam Sharma
28JournalOn the presence of Late Palaeocene in the subsurface of Bikaner district, Rajasthan Geophytology-2000Peer ReviewedNational JournalDr. Poonam Sharma
29JournalA new fossiliferous intertrappean locality at Amajiri, Chhindwara District, M.PGeophytology -1996Peer ReviewedNational JournalDr. Poonam Sharma

Conferences / Seminars / Workshops (Attended)

 CategoryTypeTopicByOrganized byFrom DateTo Date
1WorkshopNational LevelWorkshop on the role of NPTEL local chaptersDr. Arun JoshiIndian Institute of Technology Kanpur at DIT University Dehradun 11-Feb-201711-Feb-2017
2SeminarNational LevelSGRRITS and Rapture Biotech, Noida (U.P.)Dr. Poonam SharmaIQAC Cell SGRR (P.G.) College Dehradun09-Oct-201510-Oct-2015
3SeminarNational LevelOutreach India-Inspire and InnovateDr. Poonam Sharma Department of Physics, SGRR (PG) College.Dehradun24-Apr-201524-Apr-2015
4WorkshopNational LevelWorkshop on “Phylogenetic Biology” Dr. Arun JoshiProf. R Geeta, Botany Department, Delhi University, Delhi at BSIP, Lucknow02-Mar-201504-Mar-2015
5SeminarNational Level“Current &Future Scenario of plant tissue culture, Genomics and Bioinformatics”Dr. Poonam SharmaSGRRITS and Rapture Biotech, Noida (U.P.)28-Nov-201429-Nov-2014
6WorkshopInternational Level“Acritarchs: Morphological Aspects & Significance in Palaeobiological studies” Dr. Arun JoshiDr Shuhai Xiao, Professor of Geology, Department of Geo-sciences, Virginia Tech, USA at BSIP, Lko07-Jan-201410-Jan-2014
7WorkshopInternational LevelWorkshop on “Paleosols” Dr. Arun JoshiProf. Gregory J. Retallack, University of Oregon, USA at BSIP, Lucknow04-Nov-201309-Nov-2013
8WorkshopNational Level“Science Writing Training Workshop”Dr. Arun JoshiDepartment of Science and Technology, Lucknow (U.P.).12-Jul-201316-Jul-2013
9WorkshopNational LevelWorkshop on Science & Technology and Sustainable Bioeconomy for Women’s welfare”Dr. Poonam SharmaUCOST and National Academy of Sciences, India17-May-201318-May-2013
10ConferenceState Level8th UPUEA Annual Conference and Workshop on Writing Research PaperDr. Poonam SharmaUPUEA 27-Oct-201229-Oct-2012
11ConferenceInternational Level“Biodiversity & Environmental Degradation in Hilly Terrains”Dr. Poonam SharmaUCOST Dehradun15-May-201116-May-2011
12ConferenceInternational LevelNew Horizons in Microbial Biotechnology & Pharmaceutical SciencesDr. Poonam SharmaHimachal Institute of Life Sciences & Himachal Institute of Pharmacy and HPSCSTE24-Apr-201125-Apr-2011
13ConferenceNational Level“Workshop on Microbial Technology and its Application" Dr. Poonam SharmaDolphin Institute of Biomedical and Natural Sciences in collaboration with FRI, Dehradun10-Oct-200911-Oct-2009
14SeminarNational LevelAdvances in Natural Products Chemistry and Sustainable DevelopmentDr. Poonam SharmaUCOST and Graphic Era University, Dehradun. (UK)04-Jun-200905-Jun-2009
15SeminarNational LevelIntellectual Property and Innovation Management in Knowledge Era Dr. Poonam SharmaUCOST and NRDC27-Feb-200927-Feb-2009
16ConferenceNational Level" Green Chemistry "Dr. Poonam SharmaUCOST Dehradun23-Feb-200823-Feb-2008
17WorkshopNational Level"Workshop on Biotechnology Education"Dr. Poonam SharmaDolphin Institute of Biomedical and Natural Sciences in collaboration with FRI and WLII, Dehradun06-Oct-200707-Oct-2007

Conferences / Seminars / Workshops (Presented Paper)

 CategoryTypeTopicTitle of PaperByOrganized byFrom DateTo Date
1ConferenceNational LevelSustainable management of environment and natural resource through in science and technology Generic diversity of freshwater algae from DehradunDr. Poonam SharmaUPES and DBS PG College Dehradun07-Aug-202008-Aug-2020
2SeminarNational Level“ History and Litrerature: Aspects of convergence and Divergence ““ Impotance of Ocimum ( Tulsi ) in Indian culture “Dr. Poonam SharmaHistory and English Dept., SGRR PG College, Dehradun. UK26-Mar-201926-Mar-2019
3SeminarNational Level“ History and Litrerature: Aspects of convergence and Divergence ““ Impotance of Ocimum ( Tulsi ) in Indian culture “Dr. Poonam SharmaHistory and English Dept., SGRR PG College, Dehradun. UK26-Mar-201926-Mar-2019
4SeminarNational Level“ History and Litrerature: Aspects of convergence and Divergence ““ Impotance of Ocimum ( Tulsi ) in Indian culture “Dr. Poonam SharmaHistory and English Dept., SGRR PG College, Dehradun. UK26-Mar-201926-Mar-2019
5SeminarNational Level“ Emerging trends and future challenges in science ““ Declining status of taxonomy in India “Dr. Poonam SharmaChemistry Dept. SGRR PG College, Dehradun. UK27-Feb-201928-Feb-2019
6ConferenceNational Level“ Vision Uttarakhand 2040 : Agenda for socio-economic development ““ Anthropogenic Affect on river Tons near Tapkeshwar temple, Dehradun”Dr. Poonam SharmaDoon University, Dehradun. UK15-Feb-201916-Feb-2019
7ConferenceNational Level“ Status of upcoming trends in biodiversity conservation ““ Angiosperms diversity from adjacent area of Song river, Maldevta, Dehradun “Dr. Poonam SharmaChaman Lal Maha Vidylaya, Haridwar.UK06-Jan-201906-Jan-2019
8ConferenceNational Level“ Multidisciplinary approaches of plant science and 28th APSI Scientist Meet ““ Some important medicinal plants of Dehradun Zoo, UK Dr. Poonam SharmaDolphin Institute Dehradun. UK29-Oct-201831-Oct-2018
9ConferenceNational Level11th Nat. Conf. of Medical Arthropodology on vector borne and zoonotic diseases “…….“ Airborne disorders causing aeromycoflora of Doon Valley “Dr. Poonam SharmaDAV PG College, Dehradun. UK26-Oct-201827-Oct-2018
10SeminarNational Level“Effects of Paleo and Anthropogenic Events on Earth System” Dr. Arun JoshiPeriyar University, Tamil Nadu 19-Sep-201821-Sep-2018
11ConferenceInternational Level“First International Conference on Geoscience and Environment-2018”  Dr. Arun JoshiDepartment of Geology and mining University of Rajshahi, Bangladesh 08-Sep-201810-Sep-2018
12SeminarNational Level“ Researches in Environment and Bio-sciences : Current scenario and Future perspectives”“ Wetlands- A source of recreation and economy”Dr. Poonam SharmaDAV PG College, Dehradun. UK22-Jun-201823-Jun-2018
13ConferenceNational Level“ Perspective in Natural and Applied Sciences”“ Algal diversity in the fresh water streams of Dehradun”Dr. Poonam SharmaUCBS and Hospitals, Dehradun09-Mar-201810-Mar-2018
14SeminarInternational Level“ The Himalayan Challenge : Towards interdisciplinary dialogues for sustainability and development”“ Some Aeroallergens of Doon Valley”Dr. Poonam SharmaSDSU University in collaboration with Doon University29-Nov-201701-Dec-2017
15ConferenceInternational Level“Gondwana 16”  Dr. Arun JoshiInternational Association for Gondwana Research (IAGR)13-Nov-201721-Nov-2017
16ConferenceNational Level“ History of Mathematical Sciences” ” Statistical Analysis of Angiosperms from Renuka Wetland, Himachal Pradesh”Dr. Poonam SharmaMaths Department. SGRR PG College, Dehradun. UK 05-Oct-201707-Oct-2017
17ConferenceInternational Level“Current perspectives and emerging issues in Gondwana evolution” Dr. Arun JoshiBSIP, Lucknow19-Feb-201520-Feb-2015
18SeminarNational LevelCurrent Challenges of BiodiversityDiversity of Allergic pollen grains and spores around Sahastradhara, Dehradun UttarakhandDr. Poonam SharmaUCTBMS, Dehradun (U.K)28-Feb-201428-Feb-2014
19ConferenceNational LevelNational conference on “Recent Developments in Plant and Earth Sciences Dr. Arun JoshiBSIP, Lucknow28-Nov-201329-Nov-2013
20ConferenceNational Level“24th Indian Colloquium on Micropalentology and Stratigraphy”  Dr. Arun JoshiWIHG, DEHRADUN18-Nov-201320-Nov-2013
21ConferenceNational LevelPhysical and Biological changes across the major Geological BoundariesEocene-Oligocene Transition in India-A Palynological ApproachDr. Poonam SharmaBSIP, Lucknow15-Nov-199617-Nov-1996
22ConferenceNational Level  Dr. Poonam Sharma 15-Nov-199617-Nov-1996
23ConferenceNational LevelVII Group Monitoring Meeting on SERC Projects in Earth Sciences ,Jaipur , Rajasthan.Late Palaeocene in the subsurface of Bikaner District.Dr. Poonam SharmaDST17-Jan-199620-Jan-1996
24ConferenceNational Level Vegetational Dynamics of the Past and Present On the presence of Late Palaeocene in the subsurface of Bikaner District , RajasthanDr. Poonam Sharma The Palaeobotanical society , Lucknow16-Nov-199518-Nov-1995

Workshops / Conferences / Seminars Organised