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The Department of Economics is functioning since 1965 in the college. The department was upgraded to Postgraduate in the year 1982. The Department imparts teaching at undergraduate and Post graduate levels besides the Doctoral Programme. The faculty members of the department are actively engaged in research activities and have in contributed widely in the form of research project completions, numerous regional, national and international research paper publications, international and national workshops, seminars and conference participation etc. Till present the major thrust areas of research of the department have been regional, rural development, women studies, agriculture, industry, banking and finance. These research areas have been explored by the faculty members, along with the active participation of the research scholars and through the support of the various academic and research based institutions. To assist the research activities the department data resource centre is established in which computer and internet facility are provided for the faculty members and research scholars. The department aims to establish a cohesive team involving faculty members, research scholars and students bound together by their shared vision on diverse economic fields which can contribute constructively to the society and its economy. 

Brief History of Faculty members in the Department

Shri P.S. Verma was the first head of the Department who retired in 1991. Prof. V.A. Bourai present Principal of the college joined the Department as a lecturer in the year 1983 and Ms. Sangeeta Bourai worked as lecturer from 1985 to 2001 in the Department. In the year 2007 Dr. Raj Bahadur and Dr. V.S. Rawat were appointed Assistant Professors in the Department. Dr. Mahesh Kumar was appointed Assistant Professor in the year 2015. At present Dr. Raj Bahadur is Head of the Department.

Programs Offered         1. Bachelor of Arts        2. Master of Arts           3.Doctoral Program

Faculty Profile

—  Prof. V.A. Bourai  (Principal) M.A., M.Phil.

—  Dr. Raj Bahadur (Head of Department) M.A., Ph.D., Associate Professor

—  Dr. V.S. Rawat, M.A., NET, Ph.D., Assistant Professor

—  Dr. Mahesh Kumar, M.A., Ph.D., Assistant Professor

List of Eminent Academicians and Scientists/visitors to the Department

—  Alexandr Magnitskie, Associate Professor in Economics, State Technological University, Russia

—  Prof. P.K. Chaubey, IIPA, New Dehli

—  Prof. B.L. Pandit, Delhi School of Economics, New Delhi          

·         Prof. H.C. Pokhriyal, Executive Director (Retd.) Advisor School of Open Learning, University of Delhi

—  Prof. R.R. Nautiyal, Head, Department of Economics, HNB Garhwal University, Srinagar

—  Prof. M.C. Sati, Department of Economics, HNB Garhwal University, Srinagar

—  Prof. D.S. Negi, Department of Economics, HNB Garhwal University, Pauri

—  Prof. Anjali Bahuguna, Department of Economics, HNB Garhwal University, Srinagar

—  Prof. S.P. Singh, IIT Roorkee

Courses in collaboration with other universities/foreign institutions

·         Prof. V.A. Bourai visited Calgary University, Canada and delivered lectures to Canadian students.

·         Prof. V.A. Bourai and Dr. V.S. Rawat visited Kostroma State Technological University, Russia.

Interdisciplinary courses/ Courses in collaboration with other universities

—  B.Com., Agriculture and Bio-technology Department

—   Kostroma State Technological University, Russia

Research Activities

Ø  The department has actively been engaged in research activities since it became Postgraduate Department.

Ø  At present all faculty members of the department are approved guide for Ph.D. (HNB Garhwal University)

Ø  Department completed a major project with University of Calgary, Canada in 1995. The students of the department learned and actively participated with Canadian students during field research and data analysis process.

Ø  Faculties of the Department have completed various research projects funded by UGC, ICSSR etc. and some projects are still going on.

Ø  More than 100 dissertations are completed by the PG students.

Students Enrollment/ Achievements

Ø  There are 80 seats at UG level and 40 seats at PG level.

Ø  06 scholars of the Department have been awarded D.Phil. Degree.

Ø  06 scholars are registered for D.Phil. Degree under the supervision of all faculties of the department.

Ø  02 students of the department secured 2 and 4 rank in 2013 and 02 students secured 1 and 2 rank  in 2014 in University Merit List.

Facilities Available

ü  Broadband NET

ü  Classroom with LCD Projector

ü  Departmental library The Departmental has library including 200 books and subscription of Journals, Dissertations prepared by M.A. Final year students in lieu of their VIII Paper and thesis submitted by research scholars. We are practicing mentoring system, teachers as well as senior students guide their juniors. 

Placement record

The placement of our students is remarkable. Many of them are working as Teachers in colleges, while some are working in Banks, Defence services and Police etc. 

Strength of the Department

—   Peaceful environment of college,

—  Adequate teaching learning aids available in college like projectors, LCD etc.,

—  Qualified, energetic, motivating and hard working faculties of the department,

—  Central library with INFLIBNET.

—  All the faculties of the department are approved Ph.D. Guide.

—  Inter-disciplinary help by the faculties to other Departments like Agriculture and Commerce etc.

—  Meritorious students,

—  Credit based system at PG level.

—   Internet facility available in the department.

—  Supportive Principal of the college.

—  Supportive college management.

—  Involvement of faculties in different committees of the college

—  Research orientation environment of the Department.

—  Involvement in sports activities of the college and of the University

Good Practices

    Participation in Institutional Social Responsibility (ISR) and Extension activities

    —  Faculties of the Department perform as Members in different important committees of the college

    —  Faculties Performed duty in General Elections and Panchayat Elections

    —  Chairman S.G.R.R.I.M.S. Ethics Committee

    —  Member S.G.R.R.I.M.S. Ethics Committee

    Departmental Projects and Scholarships       Prof. V.A. Bourai, 

    —  Indo-Canadian Shastri Project with Prof. Merlin B. Brinkerhoff, Sociology Department, Calgary University, Canada

    —  Name of Item- Re-imbursement of travel grant, Head of Account- 4(vii) 31, Total Grant Rs. 82,637/-

    Dr. V.S. Rawat

    —  Impact of Organic Farming on Rural Economy of Uttarakhand ,with special reference to ehradun .(Completed UGC sponsored project).-  F.No.8-(260)/2010(MRP/NRCB)

    —  Micro propagation of cut flowers (Rose and Gerbera) in Uttarakhand.(Ongoing State Biotech Deptt of Uttarakhand sponsored project)-F.No.SBP/R&D-01/11/03

    —  Commercial cultivation of gerbera (Completed NHB sponsored project)-NHB/DDN/LOI-913/2007-08/1432

    —  A study evaluating the role of post contrast magnetic resonance imaging in planning and optimizing treatment of focal calcified brain lesions in patients presenting clinically with seizures in Uttarakhand region.(Ongoing UCOST sponsored project)-No.UC&T/R&D/MED SC-01/12-13/6578 

    —  Contingency Grant-in-aid to Mr. Sunit Kumar to work on his Ph.D. topic “The Opportunities and Constrants of Pulses Production in Uttarakhand”.

    Areas of Consultancy and Income Generated

    —   Dr. V.S. Rawat Worked as consultant in world bank sponsored project –Detailed environmental and social screening through transact walk for 2 project roads of Almora-“Design & Construction Supervision Consultancy (Road Work): Uttarakhand Disaster Recovery Project Package: UDRP/PWD/C/DSC/05,Credit No. 5313-1N”-2014-15.

    Admission Criteria

    —  Our College follows online admission process. Students seeking admission in B.A. & M.A. te has to register himself online for the admission in the college. After last date of registration merits are declared for the admission.

    —  Eligibility Criteria

    —  B.A. Course (As one of the Subject in Graduation) A candidate must have passed Intermediate/ 10+2 in any stream with minimum of 40% marks. Candidate’s belongings to the Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes shall be allowed a relaxation of 5% marks in the minimum eligibility criteria.

    —  M.A. Program  The admission in the M.A course will be given on the basis of merit. Reservation will be given to the candidates as per the University rule and regulations prescribed for the course.

    —  Doctoral Program Admission to Doctoral program in Economics will be through entrance test conducted by the University followed by an interview. All selected candidates will have to undergo and Pass a prior-Six months Pre-Ph.D Course (15 credits) which will be compulsory for all selected candidates.

    Research Activities

    List of Research Scholars

    S.N.      Name of Scholar          Name of Supervisor     Year of Enrolment        Year of Degree Award

    1.         Raj Bahadur                  V.A. Bourai                               2000                             2002

    2.         Vijay Singh Rawat         V.A. Bourai                               2005                             2011

    3.         Sunit Kumar                  V.A. Bourai                               2007                             2012

    4.         Sudhansu Dhyani          V.A. Bourai                               2008                             2015

    5.         Rajeev Rana                  V.A. Bourai                               2012                             2018

    6.         Neha Jain                      Dr. V.S. Rawati                                     2014                             Thesis Submitted 2019

    7.         Nidhi Arora                    V.A. Bourai                               2014                             2019

    8.         Ajaj Ahmad                   Dr. Raj Bahadur                         2014                             Thesis Submitted 2019

    9.         Brij Moahan                   Dr. V.S. Rawat                          2014                             Thesis Submitted 2020

    10.        Suresh Chand               Dr. Raj Bahadur                         2015                             Thesis Submitted 2020

    11.        Ms. Anita                      Dr. Raj Bahadur                         2015                             Thesis Submitted 2020

    12.        Ms. Jyoti                      Dr. V.S. Rawat                                      2017                             Pursuing


    Future Plans

    —  To strengthen the Research Facility in the Department.

    —  To apply for research projects to UGC and ICSSR etc. for funds.

    —  Publish research papers at UGC listed journals.

    —  Participate in various seminars / workshops/ conferences/Faculty Development Programs.

    —  Involve PG students focus on local, state, national and international level socio-economic issues through the dissertation works.

    —  Encourage students to-opt projects, dissertations, presentations and participate in group work at UG and PG level.

    —  Enhancement of use of ICT in the department for  Teaching Learning processes

    —  Organize Study tour of PG level students for experiential learning. 

    —  Enrich the Department with more books, journals and computer software used in research in social sciences.

    —  Make conductive environment for research.

    —  Conduct and attend more research activities, seminars and workshops.

    —  More use to modern technology for teaching learning. 

1M.A. EconomicsView
2UG and PG EconomicsView
2M.A. II SemesterView
3M.A. III SemesterView
4M.A. IV SemesterView
5M.A. I SemesterView
B.A Sem-VEconomic Development and Policy in India-vRaj Bahadur11.00 AM To 12.00 PM
B.A Sem-IIIPrinciples of Macroeconomics–IV.S. Rawat11.00 AM To 12.00 PM
B.A Sem-IPrinciples of Microeconomics–IMahesh Kumar8.00 AM To 9.00 AM
M.A Sem-IIIDemography-IMahesh Kumar9.00 AM To 10.00 AM
M.A Sem-IInternational EconomicsMahesh Kumar12.00 PM To 1.00 PM
M.A Sem-IIILabour EconomicsV.S. Rawat10.00 AM To 11.00 AM
M.A Sem-IMacro Economics - IV.S. Rawat12.00 PM To 1.00 PM
M.A Sem-IMicro Economics - IRaj Bahadur9.00 AM To 10.00 AM
M.A Sem-IIIPublic FinanceRaj Bahadur12.00 PM To 1.00 PM

Dr. Raj Bahadur

Associate Professor & HOD
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Dr. V.S. Rawat

Associate Professor
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Dr. Mahesh Kumar

Assistant Professor
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Ph.D Research Scholar

S.No.Student NameSubjectUnderYear
2Suresh Chand“Role of Pilgrimage Tourism in Economic DevelopmenDr. Raj Bahadur2015
3Anita*Lo;a lgk;rk lewgks a esa efgykvks a dh lgHkkfxrk Dr. Raj Bahadur2015
1Ajaj Ahmad“Present Status and Future Aspects of Apple FarminDr. Raj Bahadur2014
 YearTypeFunding AgencyByAmount
82020UGC Major ProjectGovernment of UttarakhandDr. V.S. Rawat3250000.00
72019UGC Major ProjectGovernment of UttarakhandDr. V.S. Rawat1462000.00
52017UGC Major ProjectM/S Hashoning DHV Consulting Private Ltd, LGF, CH No 1, Plot No 37, ST No 2, East Guru Angad Nagar, Dr. V.S. Rawat90624.00
62017UGC Major ProjectM/s ANB Consultants, 306 B-Block 3rd Floor Kasmanda Apartment 2 Park Road LucknowDr. V.S. Rawat150000.00
32016UGC Major ProjectGovernment of Uttarakhand Distt TehriDr. V.S. Rawat1074000.00
42016UGC Major ProjectWORLD BANK Dr. V.S. Rawat585000.00
22015UGC Major ProjectWORLD BANK UDRP/PWD/C/DSC/05Dr. V.S. Rawat331200.00
11993Any OtherCanadian International Development Agency, CanadaDr. Raj Bahadur0.00
 TypePaper/Book TitleName of Journal/Book Year  By
7JournalAssessment of Quality of Education of Rural Women of Dehradun Remarking An Analisation  2019UGC Listed JournalNational JournalDr. V.S. Rawat
8JournalAssessing the role of educational status in the empowerment of dalit women in Haridwar Remarking An Analisation  2019UGC Listed JournalNational JournalDr. V.S. Rawat
2Journal“Impact of Over-population on Economic Growth and Development” Pg. no. 48z – 57z Volume 6 Issue 1IJRRARPeer reviewed Impact Factor 5.752018UGC Listed JournalInternational JournalDr. Raj Bahadur
3Journal“Environmental Impacts of Toursim – A Case Study of Jammu and Kashmir” Pg. no. 86 Volume 6 Issue II IJRASET 6.8872018UGC Listed JournalInternational JournalDr. Raj Bahadur
4Journal“Growth, Import and Export strength of J&K Apple in India” Pg. no. 670u – 675u Volume 5 Issue 4 IJRRARPeer reviewed Impact Factor 5.752018UGC Listed JournalInternational JournalDr. Raj Bahadur
5JournalPILGRIMAGE TOURISM AS AN ALTERNATIVE TO ACHIEVE SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT: A CASE STUDY OF SHRI MATA VAISHNO DEVI SHRINE, KATRA-J&K Pg.no. 836u – 845u Volume 5 Issue 4IJRRARPeer reviewed Impact Factor 5.752018UGC Listed JournalInternational JournalDr. Raj Bahadur
6Journalउत्तराखंड के पर्वतीय क्षेत्रों में महिलाओं के आर्थिक विकास में स्वयंसहायता समूहों की भूमिका : जनपद चमोली का एक अध्ययन, Pg. no. 670u – 675u Volume 5 Issue 4 IJRRARPeer reviewed Impact Factor 5.752018UGC Listed JournalNational JournalDr. Raj Bahadur
12JournalMicro-propagation of rose cultivars: Biotechnological application of floriculture Journal of Environmental Research & Development 2015UGC Listed JournalNational JournalDr. V.S. Rawat
1JournalA Dooms Day for Apple Farming in KashmirJournal of Economic and Sustainable Development 2014UGC Listed JournalInternationalDr. Raj Bahadur
13BookOrganic Farming in Backward Regions (Problems & Prospects)-   2013Any OtherNationalDr. V.S. Rawat
9JournalDynamics of structural changes in Indian agriculture International Transactions in humanities and Social Sciences 2013UGC Listed JournalNational JournalDr. V.S. Rawat
10JournalAssessing the role of organic farming on rural economy of Uttarakhand, with special reference to Dehradun International Transactions in humanities and Social Sciences 2013UGC Listed JournalNational JournalDr. V.S. Rawat
11JournalForeign Direct Investment: an OverviewUPUEA Economic journal  2013UGC Listed JournalNational JournalDr. V.S. Rawat

Conferences / Seminars / Workshops (Attended)

 CategoryTypeTopicByOrganized byFrom DateTo Date
1WebinarNational LevelRole and Challenges of Youth in the New Education PolicyDr. Raj BahadurNSS Birla Campus Unit, HNB Garhwal University24-Sep-202024-Sep-2020
3ConferenceNational LevelInnovations, Best Practices & Institutional Social Responsibility in Educational InstitutionsDr. Raj BahadurIQAC & Department of Physics , SGRR PG College, Dehradun07-Sep-202007-Sep-2020
4WebinarNational LevelSridev Suman ka Krititva evm Vyaktitva Vartmaan Pariprekshya MeinDr. Raj BahadurNSS Birla Campus Unit, HNB Garhwal University25-Jul-202025-Jul-2020
2ConferenceInternational LevelForeign Trade In Post Covid Situation: Indo-Russia Round Table Web ConferenceDr. Raj BahadurBarrackpore Rastraguru Surendranath College, Barrackpore, W.B.09-Jul-202009-Jul-2020

Conferences / Seminars / Workshops (Presented Paper)

 CategoryTypeTopicTitle of PaperByOrganized byFrom DateTo Date
10ConferenceNational Level“ History and Litrerature: Aspects of convergence and Divergence ““Impact of Culture on Socio-economic Conditions in Garhwal Himalayas” Dr. Raj BahadurHistory and English Dept., SGRR PG College, Dehradun. UK26-Mar-201926-Mar-2019
9SeminarNational Level“Vision Uttarakhand 2040: Agenda for Socio-Economic Development” “Mass cutting of forests and hills and its impact on eco-system and climate change in Uttarakhand/Himalayas”Dr. Raj Bahadur“Public Policy (CPP), Doon University, Dehradun, U.K.”15-Feb-201917-Feb-2019
8SeminarInternational Level“The Himalayan Challeges: Towards Interdisciplinary Dialogues for Sustainability and Development”“Trends in Eco-Tourism and Sustainable Development in Garhwal”Dr. Raj BahadurSri Dev Suman Uttarakhand University, Badshahithaul, Tehri Garhwal 29-Nov-201701-Dec-2017
7ConferenceNational Level“ History of Mathematical Sciences” “Importance of Mathematics in the study of Economics”Dr. Raj BahadurMaths Department. SGRR PG College, Dehradun. UK 05-Oct-201707-Oct-2017
6SeminarNational Level“Goods and Service Tax (GST) and Economic Growth”“Goods and Service Tax: Its impact on Uttarakhand Economy”Dr. Raj BahadurSchool of Management, Doon University, Dehradun, U.K.28-Sep-201728-Sep-2017
5SeminarNational Level“Decolonization of Indian Minds”“Economic Consequences of Coolie Begar and Forest Act during British Period on Uttarakhand”Dr. Raj BahadurDev Bhumi Vichar Manch, Uttarakhand & Phonics Group Institutions, Roorkee 23-Sep-201723-Sep-2017
4SeminarNational Level“Human Environment Relationship: A Special Discussion on Water crises in India”“Minimum use of Water & Maximum Agricultural output in Uttarakhand”Dr. Raj BahadurDepartment of Economics P.N.G. Government P.G. College, Ramnagar (Nainital), U.K.29-Mar-201730-Mar-2017
3SeminarInternational Level“Folk-Lore and Indian Culture”Environmental Preservation and Folklore of the People of UttarakhandDr. Raj BahadurDepartment of History, Kumaun University, S.S.J. Campus, Almora, U.K.26-Mar-201727-Mar-2017
2SeminarNational Level“Environmental Ethics in Man-Nature Relationship”“Economic Aspects and Environmental Problems in Developing Countries”Dr. Raj BahadurDepartment of History D.A.V. (P.G.) College, Dehradun, U.K.18-Nov-201619-Nov-2016
1SeminarInternational Level“Sustainable Development: Challenges and Strategies”“Sustainable Development and Eco-Tourism in Uttarakhand”Dr. Raj BahadurDepartment of Economics Government P.G. College, Chamoli, U.K.21-Oct-201622-Oct-2016

Workshops / Conferences / Seminars Organised

3With BSEView
4Publication Prof. V.A. BouraiView
5Publication Prof. V.A. BouraiView
6Publication Prof. V.A. BouraiView
7Publication Prof. V.A. BouraiView
8Publication Prof. V.A. BouraiView
9Publication Prof. V.A. BouraiView
10Publication Prof. V.A. BouraiView
S.No.Type NameRegNoYear
2Any OtherPh.D. Entrance testMS. JAYA SARKAR 2019
3Any OtherBank POMS. ROHINI BAJAJ 2015
1Any OtherPh.D. Entrance testMR. BRIJ MOHANHE-150372014
4Any Other   0