Dr. Meharban Singh Gusain

Name : Dr. Meharban Singh Gusain
Designation : Associate Professor & Head
Qualification : M.A,Ph.D,UGC/NET & LL.B
Email : historysgrrpgcollege@gmail.com
Contact No. : 9412962142
Blood Group : A+
TypePaper/Book TitleName of Journal/Book Year  
BookWestern WorldWestern World (Mid 15th Century to 1870) 2020Any OtherNational Journal
BookThe History of india Earliest to 300CE  2020Any OtherNational
Bookउत्तराखण्ड का राजनैतिक इतिहास: एक मूल्यांकनउत्तराखण्ड का राजनैतिक इतिहास: एक मूल्यांकन 2019Any OtherNational Journal
BookWomen in Indian HistoryWomen in Indian History 2018Any OtherNational Journal
Book ChapterTourism Resources of India, unit-7,8,9,14,15,16Master of Tourism and Travel Management II semester 2012Any OtherNational
Book Chapterभारतीय शिक्षा का बदलता स्वरुप एवं शिक्षक शिक्षा अध्यापक शिक्षा  2009Any OtherNational Journal
Journalप्राचीन भारत मैं महिला वैज्ञानिक : एक समाजशास्त्रीय अध्ययन International Research Journal of Management Sociology and Humanities 2020Any OtherNational Journal
JournalLockdown and Its Impact on Indian SocietyWesleyan Journal of Research 2020UGC Listed JournalNational Journal
JournalThe Corelation of Nature and Pandemics: An Historical Study of Ancient Indian CultureSambodhi 2020UGC Listed JournalNational
Journalग्राम्य समाज के विकास मैं स्वयं सहायता समूह के समक्ष आने वाली बाधाएं Itivritta 2019Any OtherNational Journal
Journalजौनसार भाबर और पर्यावरण Ad Valorem 2018UGC Listed JournalNational Journal
Journalजौनसारी संस्कृति पर वैशवीकरण का प्रभाव (विवाह पद्धति के सम्बन्ध मैं)Ad Valorem 2018UGC Listed JournalNational Journal
Journalउत्तराखण्ड की लोकगाथाओं मैं वीरंगानाएं Srinkhala Ek Shodhparak Vaicharik Patrika 2018UGC Listed JournalNational Journal
Journalप्राचीन धर्मग्रन्थों मैं वर्णित पर्यावरण चेतना International Journal of Humanities and Social Sciences 2017Any OtherNational Journal
Journalग्रामीण पर्यटन मैं पर्वतीय विकद की संभावनाएं Vidiyawarta 2015Any OtherNational Journal
JournalBudhism: An Eco-friendly Religion of Ancient IndiaItivritta 2013Any OtherNational Journal
JournalEconomic History of District GarhwalInternational Transaction in Humanities and Social Sciences 2011Any OtherNational Journal
Journalआश्रम वयस्था : वर्तमान प्रासांगिकता Indian Research Journal of Social Sciences 2011Any OtherNational Journal
Journalप्रागेतिहसिक युग मैं आपदा प्रबन्धन मैं धर्म की महत्ता International Transaction in Humanities and Social Sciences  2009Any OtherNational Journal

Conferences / Seminars / Workshops (Attended)

CategoryTypeTopicOrganized byFrom DateTo Date
ConferenceNational Level???? ?????? ??? ????? ??????????? ?? ??????: ?????? ??? ????????? SGRR(PG) College, Dehradun/UOU,Haldwani14-Sep-201614-Sep-2016
ConferenceNational LevelNew Education Policy: Issues and ConcernsAIFUCTO and FUUCTA25-Jun-201626-Jun-2016
WorkshopNational LevelRole of Biotechnology in Promoting Mountain FarmingUSERC,Uttarakhand/USBP,Udhamsinghnager11-Dec-201411-Dec-2014
SeminarState LevelEnhancing Research Culture in Institution of Higher EducationIQAC SGRR(PG) College, Dehradun13-May-201413-May-2014
SeminarState LevelWorld Migratory Bird DayBughadi foundation, Uttarakhand11-May-201411-May-2014
ConferenceNational Level8th Annual Conference 2012UPUEA27-Oct-201229-Oct-2012
ConferenceNational LevelSocial Media and DemocracyFEDRICH EBERTO STIFTUNG/UOU07-Apr-201208-Apr-2012
WorkshopNational LevelTranslation of Urdu-Garhwali and Vice VersaUrdu teachin Learning Center (CIIL,MHRD) Solan HP11-Nov-201114-Nov-2011
ConferenceNational LevelNational Level Data UsersNRDMS/GY25-Jul-201027-Jul-2010
ConferenceNational LevelTraining _Programme of Item WritingNTS,India18-Mar-201020-Mar-2010
WorkshopNational LevelTraining Programme on Testing and EvaluationNTS,India31-Mar-200902-Apr-2009

Conferences / Seminars / Workshops (Presented Paper)

CategoryTypeTopicTitle of PaperOrganized byFrom DateTo Date
ConferenceInternational LevelThe Himalayan ChallengesThe Challenges confronting Himalya in the Sustainable Development SDSSU and Dun University, Dehradun29-Nov-201701-Dec-2017
ConferenceNational LevelHistory of Mathematical Sciences History of Mathematics is IndiaSGRR(PG) college, Dehradun05-Oct-201707-Oct-2017
ConferenceNational LevelDecolonization of India MindsThe Colonial Rule In IndiaDVM Uttarakhand and Dun Univrsity Dehradun23-Sep-201701-Dec-2017
ConferenceInternational LevelFolklore and Indian CultureFolklore and Environmental Awareness in Rural CommunitySSJ Campus ,Almora for ICSSR26-Mar-201727-Mar-2017
ConferenceNational LevelEnvironment Ethics in Man_Nature RelationshipEnvironment Reflection in RiguvedaDAV(PG) college, Dehradun,ICHR,New Delhind U-COST, Dehradun18-Nov-201619-Nov-2016
ConferenceInternational LevelMother in Indian CultureMother in India CinemaSSJ Campus ,Almora/ICSSR/ Sanskrit Mahavidaylaya, Dehradun15-Feb-201516-Feb-2015
ConferenceNational LevelNational and Regional Perspectives for Quality Teacher Education: Ways and MeansChallenges in Higher Education in IndiaDR.PDBH College, Kotdwara / UCOST07-Feb-201508-Feb-2015
ConferenceNational LevelIndian History CongressGurkha System of Justice in UttarakhandJNU, New Delhi28-Dec-201430-Dec-2014
SeminarNational Level????????? ??? ???? ??????: ???????-?????? ??? ?????? ?????? Higher Education: Direction and DestinationsUOU,Haldwani/UCOST/Schoolguru04-Nov-201405-Nov-2014
ConferenceInternational LevelCultural Messenger of IndiaSymbol of Uttarakhand CultureKumaun University and DSVV,Haridwar29-Mar-201430-Mar-2014
ConferenceNational LevelSustainable Development of India: Challenges and RemediesEmerging Challenges in Sustainable Development of Himalayan RegionHNBGU,SRT Campus, Badshahi Thoul, Tehri22-Mar-201423-Mar-2014
ConferenceNational LevelEnvironment Changes; Consequential Effects Upon Living and Non-Living WorldBuddhism: An Ecological ReligionKissan college,Nalanda/UGC01-Dec-201202-Dec-2012
ConferenceNational LevelEnvironment and LivelihoodEmerging Challenges in Sustainable Livelihood in Himalayan RegionGov. PG College, New Tehri/ NABARD16-Sep-201116-Sep-2011
ConferenceInternational LevelInnovative Practices in EducationWomen and Higher Education-Periodical ReviewHYBD College, Lucknow/ International Learning community18-Jun-201119-Jun-2011
ConferenceInternational LevelLocal and Regional responses to Golbalisation in the Mountains and marginal areas of WorldTourism and Environmental Challenges: a case Study of Mountains of UttarakhandKumaun University/ IGU/UGI01-May-201109-May-2011
ConferenceNational LevelSocio-economic Impact of Urbanization an industralisation on Indian Agriculture Historical Evolution of Agriculture in India” as Resource PersonUGC, Janta Mahavidiyalaya, Mahrastra23-Mar-201024-Mar-2010
ConferenceNational LevelPresent Relevance of Indian Cultureआश्रम व्यवस्था ; वर्तमान प्रासांगिकता SSJ Campus ,Almora 13-Feb-201014-Feb-2010
ConferenceNational LevelPresent relevance of Indian cultureAhram System:Present RelevanceUGC/kumaun university13-Feb-201014-Feb-2010
ConferenceNational LevelOn recent trends in the advancement of astronomy and applied mathematicsThe World of Urchins Our Close Relatives UGC,DST, UCOST14-Nov-200915-Nov-2009
ConferenceNational Level Uttaranchal Art,Architecture,Culture & Archeology ; A New Perspective Ancienty and Nature of Chaturdham PilgremedgeICHR30-Oct-200231-Oct-2002
TypeCourseOrganized byFrom DateTo Date
Online CourseCooperative Learning PedagogyGHG Khalsa College of Education, Punjab22-May-202018-Jun-2020
Short-Term CourseCapcity Building ProgrammeLUMBA, Lucknow university12-Nov-201824-Nov-2018
Refresher CourseRC in HistoryASC, Jamia Millia Islamiya, New Delhi18-Aug-201608-Sep-2016
Refresher CourseRC in HistoryASC, Jamia Millia Islamiya, New Delhi03-Oct-201125-Oct-2011
Orientation CourseOP-98ASC, Shimla19-Aug-201015-Sep-2010
Awarded byAwards / Honours ReceivedYear
बृज इंद्रा अभिव्यक्ति मंच कानपुर बृज इंद्रा सम्मान 2020
संस्कार भारती, देहरादून डॉ विष्णु श्रीधर वाकणकर सम्मान 2020
JNV, DehradunInvited Judge for Regional Level Sciences Exhibition2014
JNV, DehradunInvited Judge in Regional Level Social Sciences Exhibition, Lucknow Region( UP and UK)2013
राजकीय दून चिकिस्तालय देहरादून,उत्तराखण्ड स्वैछिक रक्तदान सम्मान 2011
Go India Foundation,IndiaCertificate of Appreciation2010
Uttarakhand State AIDS Control society,UttarakhandDonner Motivator0
YearCommittee NameDesignation
2020Social Research Fondation,kanpurmember
2019Abhay Sankalp, HUMANE Society,Indiamember
2015Bharat Soucts and Guides,IndiaRover Scout Leader
2011International Learners CommunityLife Member-104/2011
2010Indian History CongressLife Member