Dr. M.K. Purohit

Name : Dr. M.K. Purohit
Designation : Associate Professor & HOD
Qualification : M.Sc. Ph.D.
Email : drmkpurohit@gmail.com
Contact No. : 9411380849
Blood Group : B+
TypePaper/Book TitleName of Journal/Book Year  
Book ChapterProspective Fishes Development & Management in Uttaranchal StateCentral Himalaya Environment & Development, vol - 1, pages 122- 129 2005Any OtherNational
Journal Effect of Cannabis sativa on Spermatogenesis of male Albino Rats Universities Journals of Phytochemistry & Ayurvedic Heights 2021Peer ReviewedNational Journal
JournalAnti - Implantation Effect of Abrus precatorius (Seed) in Female Albino RatsJ.Env.Bio - Sci. Vol.33(2 ; 321-323) 2019Peer ReviewedNational Journal
JournalAbundance of Two Gill parasites (monogenean) in a Single host, Labeo rohita (Hamp) of Different Length Groups in Doon Velly J. Exp. Zool.Ind, Vol 21, no. 2, Page No. 1191 - 1194 2018UGC Listed JournalNational Journal
JournalThreats to BiodiversityCheetal vol - 53 2016Any OtherNational Journal
JournalBreeding in CaptivityCheetal vol - 51 2014Any OtherNational Journal
JournalCommunication Among AnimalsCheetal Vol- 50, No.- 1, Page No. 55-56 2012Any OtherNational Journal
Journalovarian F- prostaglandins Induce the Sexual Behaviour of Conspecific male Barelius bendelisisAdvances in Fish Research, Vol -4  2006Any OtherNational Journal
JournalPriming Response in Male Schizothorax ricdardsonii (Gray) to the ovarian steroid glucornides & heterospecific female.Indian Journal of Animal Science 2004Any OtherNational Journal

Conferences / Seminars / Workshops (Attended)

CategoryTypeTopicOrganized byFrom DateTo Date
ConferenceNational LevelSocio- Economic Development of Uttarakhand ; Vision 2040Centre for Public Oolicy (CPP), Doon University Dehradun27-Sep-201927-Sep-2019
WorkshopNational LevelFoldscope; The MicrocosmosGovt PG College Uttarkashi, & Dolphin Institute Dehradun08-Feb-201908-Feb-2019
WorkshopState LevelAtomic EnergyGEHU, Dehradun13-Nov-201815-Nov-2018
WorkshopState LevelWorkshop on Content Development for Classroom Teaching of Science and Maths through Innovative PracticesSCERT, Uttarakhand Dehradun, Uttarakhand22-Jan-201823-Jan-2018
WorkshopState LevelConnecting Science with Practice and Policy for Resilience Towards Climate Change Risks in UttarakhandCentral Himalayan Environment Association, CHEA Nanital27-Jun-201727-Jun-2017
WorkshopState LevelRelevance of Scientific Activities in Contemporary SocietyDoon Science Forum & Azim Prem Ji Foundation14-May-201714-May-2017
SeminarState LevelPrevention of Drug Abuse Among YouthDoon University Dehradun24-Mar-201724-Mar-2017
SeminarState LevelModern Trends in Applied Plant BiologyDeptt of Botany, Dolphin PG Institute Dehradun03-Dec-201603-Dec-2016
SeminarNational LevelRole of Uttarakhand Open University on Higher EducationUttarakhand Open University Haldwani14-Sep-201614-Sep-2016
WorkshopState LevelWorkshop on Decision Making Using Energy ScienceSchool of Management, Doon University Dehradun12-Sep-201612-Sep-2016
WorkshopState LevelUnderstanding self to face the Future ChallengesDoon University, Dehradun29-Aug-201631-Aug-2016
SeminarNational LevelNew Education policy ; Issues & ConcernFederation of Uttaranchal University College Teachers Association 25-Jun-201626-Jun-2016
SeminarState LevelIllegal Track in WildlifeDolphin (PG) Institute Dehradun03-Jun-201603-Jun-2016
WorkshopState LevelState Science Festival 2015SCERT Uttarakhand06-Dec-201509-Dec-2015
ConferenceNational LevelWomen in Science - Leadership & BeyondScience outreach India & SGRR (PG) College Dehradun24-May-201524-May-2015
ConferenceNational Level Graphic Era University Dehradun15-May-201516-May-2015
WorkshopState Level Stress ManagementIQAC SGRR (PG) College Dehradun16-Apr-201516-Apr-2015
WorkshopState LevelSolid Waste & Bio - Medical Waste ManagementPollution Control Board of Uttarakhand27-Mar-201527-Mar-2015
WorkshopState LevelFormulation & Submission of Proposals for Resarch ProjectsIQAC of SGRR (PG) College Dehradun06-Feb-201506-Feb-2015
ConferenceInternational LevelOur Genrs & Genomes - past, present & FutureHNB Uttarakhand Medical Univty, CARDIFF University UK,UCOST, & SDSUU04-Feb-201504-Feb-2015
SeminarState LevelPhytochemistry & Ayurveda ; Potential & ProspectsHNB UK Med. Edu. University Dehradun24-Dec-201424-Dec-2014
WorkshopState LevelRole of Biotechnology in Promoting Mountain farming on the Ocassion of International Mountain Day 2014USERC- and USBP , Uttarakhand11-Dec-201411-Dec-2014
WorkshopNational LevelCurrent and Future Scenario of Plant Tissue Culture Genomics and BioinformaticsSGRRITS, Dehradun, Uttarakhand28-Nov-201429-Nov-2014
WorkshopNational LevelScientific Paper Writing and Technological Empowerment of WomenNational academy of Sciences (NAASI) and UCOST, Dehradun17-Jun-201418-Jun-2014
SeminarState LevelRetrospect & Prospects of Natural Resources & Disaster Management in Uttarakhand HimalayaDeptt of Botany, Dolphin PG Institute Dehradun10-Apr-201411-Apr-2014
WorkshopState LevelTraining Workshop on Instruments Maintenance and Safety in laborataryDepartment of Chemistry and Zoology, DAV.(PG) College dehradun30-Sep-201230-Sep-2012
SeminarNational LevelEcology & Culture in UttarakhandUGC- ASC Kumaun University Naiital16-Jul-201116-Jul-2011
WorkshopState LevelWater Quality Training Workshop for Water ManagersWTI, DST, Gov of India and UCOST Dehradun24-May-201124-May-2011
SeminarState LevelCurrent Trends in Pharmaceutical & BiopharmaceuticalDeptt of Biotechnology,Graphic Era University Dehradun23-May-201123-May-2011
SeminarInternational LevelRecent Advances in Neuroscience ResearchShri Guru Ram Rai Institute of Medical & Health Sciences29-Nov-201030-Nov-2010
ConferenceState Level5th Uttarakhand State Council for Science & Technology Congress UCOST & Doon University Dehradun10-Nov-201012-Nov-2010
SeminarState LevelIntellectual Property & Innovation Management in Knowledge EraNational Research Development Corporation & U- COST12-Aug-201013-Aug-2010
SeminarNational LevelEnvironment Quality Assessment & MonitoringGraphic Era University Dehradun05-Jun-201005-Jun-2010
WorkshopNational LevelFisheries Conservation and Enhancement in Northern Hill StatesNBFGR, Lucknow, Uttar pradesh, Aquatic Biodiversity Conservation Society Lucknow09-Mar-201010-Mar-2010
ConferenceNational LevelRecent Trends in the Advancement of Astronomy & Applied MathematicsDepartment of Mathematics, SGRR(PG) College Dehradun14-Nov-200915-Nov-2009
ConferenceNational LevelRecent Advances in Vector Biology& ControlDAV (PG) College Dehradun03-Dec-200804-Dec-2008
WorkshopNational LevelEnvironment & Birds, Biannual Conference of the Ornithological Society of IndiaDeptt of Zoology, HNB Garhwal University Srinagar14-Nov-199516-Nov-1995

Conferences / Seminars / Workshops (Presented Paper)

CategoryTypeTopicTitle of PaperOrganized byFrom DateTo Date
WebinarNational LevelCovid-19 Human Resource Migration;Issues & Challenges Job Opportunities in Fisheries for Migrant Workers in UttarakhandCentre for Public Policy (CPP), Doon University Dehradun26-Jun-202026-Jun-2020
ConferenceInternational LevelContemporary Issues of Climate Change, Conservation of Biodiversity & Natural Resources in Himalayan EnvironmentsClimate Change on Faunal Diversity ; Effective ResponsesDeptt of Zoology,Govt PG College New Tehri, Garhwal14-Nov-201916-Nov-2019
ConferenceNational LevelInnovative Management Practicesfor Rural DevelopmentEco - Tourism ; A Tool of Sustainable DevelopmentSchool of Managemrnt, Doon University Dehradun25-May-201925-May-2019
ConferenceNational LevelEmerging Trends & Future Challenges in Science (ETFCS- 2019)Traditional Methods of Fishing in Uttarakhand; Impacts & DrawbacksDeptt. of Chemistry, SGRR (PG) College Dehradun27-Feb-201928-Feb-2019
ConferenceNational LevelBhartiya Gyan Sampada & Nav ChatenaMedical Science in Ancient & Medieval IndiaDev Bhoomi Vichar Munch & SDSUttarakhand University16-Feb-201916-Feb-2019
ConferenceNational LevelVision Uttarakhand; 2040, Agenda for Socio- Economic DevelopmentSustainable Development ; An Approach to Protect the EnvironmentCentre for Public Oolicy (CPP), Doon University Dehradun15-Feb-201916-Feb-2019
ConferenceNational LevelHolistic Approach Towards Quality Enhancement in Higher EducationImpact of Effective Teaching & Technology in Higher EducationPt. L.M.S.Govt. P.G. College Rishikesh29-Jan-201930-Jan-2019
ConferenceNational Level Status of Upcoming Trends in Biodiversity ConservationEffect of Climate Change on Aquatic BiodiversityDeptt. of Botany, Chaman Lal Mahavidyalaya, Landhaura, Hariwar06-Jan-201906-Jan-2019
ConferenceNational LevelMultidisciplinary Approaches of Plant SciencesIchthyotoxic Plants & Local Fishing in Uttarakhand (Garhwal Himalaya))Deptt of Botany, Dolphin PG Institute Dehradun29-Oct-201831-Oct-2018
ConferenceNational Level11th National Conference of Medical Arthropodology on Vector Born & Zoonotic DiseasesLarvivorous Fishes in Control of Vector - Borne DiseasesDeptt of Zoology, DAV (PG) College Dehradun & SOMA Hyderabad26-Oct-201827-Oct-2018
ConferenceInternational LevelEnvironmental Nanotechnology for Socio- Economic Development of IndiaRelevance of Nanotechnology in PiscicultureDeptt of Chemistry & Civil Engineering, DIT University Dehradun28-Sep-201829-Sep-2018
ConferenceNational LevelNational Seminar on Research in Environment & Biosciences; Current Scenerio & Future perspectiveseClimate Change & its Effect on Human Health 23-Jun-201824-Jun-2018
ConferenceNational LevelPerspective in Natural & Applied Sciences (PANS 2018)Environmental Sustainability; Concerns and SolutionsUttaranchal (PG) College of Bio - Medical Sciences & Hospital09-Mar-201810-Mar-2018
ConferenceNational LevelNational Seminar on Womens Health in India; Issues & ConcernsEco Toilets ; A Sustainable Sanitation Approach for Womens 23-Feb-201824-Feb-2018
ConferenceInternational LevelThe Himalayan Challenge; Towards Interdisciplinary Dialogues for sustainability & DevelopmentHimalaya Biodiversity ; Use and Conservation 29-Nov-201701-Dec-2017
ConferenceNational LevelHaryana Swarna Jayanti National SeminarSolid Wasre Management; An Approach to Swachhta AbhiyanNSS Unit, Rajive Gandhi Govt. College Saha (Amabla)25-Oct-201725-Oct-2017
ConferenceNational LevelNational Conference on History of Mathematical SciencesData Analysis ; A Statitical Tool In Biological ResearchDepartment of Mathematics, SGRR (PG)College Dehradun05-Oct-201707-Oct-2017
ConferenceNational LevelGoods & Services Tax (GST) and Economic GrowthRole of Technology Heads in Goods & Service Tax (GST) ComplianceSchool of Management, Doon University Dehradun28-Sep-201728-Sep-2017
ConferenceNational LevelGoods & Services Tax (GST) and Economic GrowthRole of Technology Heads in Goods & Service Tax (GST) ComplianceSchool of Management, Doon University Dehradun28-Sep-201728-Sep-2017
ConferenceNational LevelNational Seminar on Decolonization of Indian MindsAffect of British Regime on Economy & Biodiversity of UttarakhandDev Bhumi Vichar Manch, Phonics Group of Institutes & Doon University Dehradun 23-Sep-201723-Sep-2017
ConferenceInternational LevelFolk - Lore And Indian CultureImpact of Climate Change on Culture; Understanding the Human Demenesions 26-Mar-201727-Mar-2017
ConferenceInternational LevelInner & Outer Climate & The Quest for Environmental SustainabilityEnvironmental Changes & Aquatic Life Special Reference to FishesUnity in Duality, Terab institute International & Doon Library and Research Centre, Dehradun24-Mar-201726-Mar-2017
ConferenceInternational LevelSustainable Development ; Challenges & StrategiesTerrace Farming ; An Asset for Future ScenarioDeptt of Economics, GPG college Gopeshwar & IEA 21-Oct-201622-Oct-2017
SeminarNational LevelEnvironmental Health Vis a Vis Human Welfare in Present ScenarioWater Pollution & its Impact on the Growth & Mortality of Freshwater Fishes in Doon Valley, UttarakhandDepartment of Zoology DAV(PG) College Dehradun18-Apr-201619-Apr-2016
ConferenceNational LevelAdvances in Zoology and Applied SciencesAquaculture in Dehradun:Present and FutureDepartment of Zoology, Dolphin PG College, Dehradun and UCOST07-Apr-201608-Apr-2016
ConferenceNational LevelRole of IQAC in Enhancing Quality of Teaching, Learning & Evaluation ProcessInvolving Students in Quality EnhancementIQAC, SGRR PG College Dehradun09-Oct-201510-Oct-2015
SeminarNational LevelRole of IQAC in Enhancing Quality of Teaching, Learning & Evaluation ProcessInvolving Students in Quality EnhancementIQAC _ NAAC, SGRR (PG) College Dehradun09-Oct-201510-Oct-2015
SeminarNational LevelCurrent Challenges of BiodiversityFree Steroid Fraction act as a Primer Pheromone in fish snod trout Schizothoras richardsonii (Gray)Uttaranchal (PG) College of Technology & Bio - Medical Sciences28-Feb-201428-Feb-2014
ConferenceState Level8th UCOSTCongressEffect of Herbal Preparation Containing Albizzaamnoa & Carica seeds on male reproductive system on Albino ratsUCOST, & Doon University Dehradun26-Dec-201328-Dec-2013
SeminarState LevelWomen EmpowermentRole of Education in Women EmpowermentIntellectual Founadtion18-Jan-201318-Jan-2013
ConferenceNational LevelNew Horizons in Pharmaceutical & Biomadical SciencesStudies of Food & Feeding Inrerrelationship of Mystus seenghala with Difference to Growth From Hill Stream in Doon Valley UttarakhabdSheetal Life Sciences & Society of Environment, Health & Biotech12-Jan-201313-Jan-2013
ConferenceState Level7th Uttarkhand State Science and Technology CongressAnti Spermatogenic Effect of Vinca rosea leaf on Male Albino ratUCOST21-Nov-201223-Nov-2012
ConferenceNational LevelNational Symposium Chemical Signalling System in Snow trout Schizothorax richardsonii (Gray)Gurukula Kangri University Haridwar02-Nov-201203-Nov-2012
ConferenceNational LevelNational Conference on Biodiversity vis- a - vis Environment Degradation in Hilly TerrainsDiversity & Conservation of Fish Resources of Jhilmil Tal Conservation Reserve Uttarakhand, IndiaDBS (PG) College Dehradun15-May-201116-May-2011
ConferenceNational LevelNew Innovations in Parasitological Researchpheromones & Communication in fish Schizothorax richardsonii (Gray)DAV (PG) College Dehradun29-Mar-201130-Mar-2011
SeminarNational Level5th Uttarakhand State Council for Science & Technology Congress Himalayan Antifertility Plants for Use in Family Planning UCOST & Doon University Dehradun10-Nov-201012-Nov-2010
ConferenceNational LevelNational Conference on Advances in Biotechnology & its role in Aquatic Biodiversity Conservation & Fisheriesimpact of River Valley Project of Fish Fauna of Garhwal Himalaya , IndiaRCU GPG College Uttarakashi, Uttarakhand17-Mar-201018-Mar-2010
ConferenceNational LevelNational Conference on Advances in Biotechnology & its role in Aquatic Biodiversity Conservation & FisheriesSex Pheromones of Female Barellius bendelisis Involved in Courtship Behaviour.RCU GPG College Uttarakashi, Uttarakhand17-Mar-201018-Mar-2010
ConferenceNational LevelNational Seminar on Central Himalaya Environment DevelopmentDeterminant impacts River Bhagirathi Blockage at Tehri Obligate riverian fish speciesDepartment of geography,HNBGU Srinagar23-Oct-200225-Oct-2002
SeminarNational LevelNational Symposium on Aquatic Biodiversity & Emerging Trends in Fresh Water BiologyOvarian Steroids Induce Sexual Behaviour in male Schizothorax richardsonii (Gray)Department of Zoology, HNB Garhwal University Srinagar22-Oct-199924-Oct-1999
ConferenceNational LevelNational Symposium on BehaviourPheromonal Control of Reproductive Behaviour in Himalayan Trout, Schizothorax richardsonii (Gray)Deptt. of Zoology, Pt. Ravi Shankar Shukla University Raipur28-Dec-199630-Dec-1996
TypeCourseOrganized byFrom DateTo Date
Short-Term CourseTraining of Trainers (TOT) for Teachers (Under TLC Project)National Institute of Technical Teachers Training and Research, Bhopal (MHRD)16-Sep-201920-Sep-2019
Short-Term CourseUse and Development of Open Educational Resources (OER)FDC, HNBGU, Srinagar Garhwal Uttarakhand12-Oct-201818-Oct-2018
Short-Term CourseAdvanced Analytical Tools for ResearchDoon University, Dehradun16-Sep-201722-Sep-2017
Refresher CourseEnvironmental Studies (All Disciplines)UGC-HRDC, Kurukshetra University, Kurukshetra10-Nov-201601-Dec-2016
Refresher CourseBio and Life Sciences (ID)ASC-UGC Kumaun University, Nanital, Uttarakhand05-Jul-201125-Aug-2011
Orientation Course ASC-UGC, H.P. University Shimla, Himanchal Pradesh19-Aug-201015-Sep-2010
0ZoologyUniversity Grants CommissionUGC Major Project0.00
Awarded byAwards / Honours ReceivedYear
Amar Ujala Foundation & Uttaranchal (PG) College of Bio- Mrdical SciencesSwacchic Raktdata Samman 20172017
YearCommittee NameDesignation
2017Vigyan Bharti , Devbhoomi Vigyaan samitiLife Member
2016Wild Life Preservation Society (WPSI) IndiaLife Member
2010Aquatic Biodiversity Conservation Society (ABCS)Life Member