Dr. Sandeep Negi

Name : Dr. Sandeep Negi
Designation : Associate Professor
Qualification : M.Sc.,D.Phil
Email : negisandeep1969@gmail.com
Contact No. : 9412031183
Blood Group : O-
TypePaper/Book TitleName of Journal/Book Year  
JournalOxygen Treatment Parameters of Anthocephalus Indicus Kraft PulpsRemarking An Analisation 2019UGC Listed JournalNational Journal
JournalUltrasonic Study of Molecular Interaction in Binary Liquid Mixture of Dioxane + Cyclohexanol at Different TemperaturesInternational Transactions in Applied Sciences 2015UGC Listed JournalNational Journal
Journal13. Studies to Establish Key Processes Parameters for Converting High Sulfur Residue into On-Grade BitumenInternational Journal of Civil, Structural, Environmental and Infrastructure Engineering Research and Development (IJCSEIERD) 2015UGC Listed JournalNational Journal
JournalPhytochemical investigation of Symplocos racemosa (leaves)Univ. J. Phyto. Chem. Ayur. Heights 2015UGC Listed JournalNational Journal
Journal10. Qualitative Evaluation of Carbohydrate Levels in Different Vegetables by UV-Vis SpectrophotometerUniv. J. Phyto. Chem. Ayur. Heights 2014UGC Listed JournalNational Journal
JournalUse of Polymers/Waste Rubber in Road Network Development in Uttrakhand StateIOSR Journal of Applied Chemistry 2014UGC Listed JournalNational Journal
JournalBio-Chemical investigation of Echinops cornigerusInternational Transactions in Applied Sciences 2013UGC Listed JournalNational Journal
JournalSynthesis of Some New Oxadiazole with Antimicrobial activityInternational Journal of Pharma Sciences and Research (IJPSR) 2010UGC Listed JournalNational Journal
JournalSynthesis and antimicrobial activity of Dihydropyrimidine derivativesDrug Invention Today 2010UGC Listed JournalNational Journal
JournalSynthesis and Characterisation of Ibuprofen, Ketoprofen Prodrug for taste masking using ß-CyclodextrinInternational Journal of Pharma Science and Research (IJPSR) 2010UGC Listed JournalNational Journal
JournalAnti-Inflammatory Activity Of Some New Dihydropyrimidines DerivativesInternational Journal of Pharma Science and Research (IJPSR) 2010UGC Listed JournalNational Journal
JournalChemical study on Garhwal Himalayan Lichen: Usnea emidotteriesIndian Journal of Chemistry 2006UGC Listed JournalNational Journal
JournalA new aliphatic ester from the aerial parts of Polygonum polstachyumJ. Indian Chem. Soc. 2005UGC Listed JournalNational Journal
JournalPremnosidic acid, a new iridoid glycoside from Premna barbataIndian Journal of Chemistry 2004UGC Listed JournalNational Journal
JournalChemical study of Ramalina africana(Ramalinaceae) from the Garhwal HimalayasBiochemical systematics and ecology 2004UGC Listed JournalNational Journal

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