AQAR Submission

1AQAR 2010-11View
21.1.1 (a) Prospectus 22-23View
31.1.2 (c) Departmental Calendar 22-23View
41.1.3 (b) Setting of Question Paper 22-23View
52.7 - Student Satisfaction SurveyView
6Previous Academic Year 2021-2022View
83.3.2 - Number of research papers View
92.7.1 - Student Satisfaction Survey (SSS) View
10Dissertation CertificatesView
111.4 Student's Feedback 22-23View
121.4 Teachers' Feedback 22-23View
141.1.3 (c) Copy Evaluation Bill 22-23View
151.1.2 (d) Internal Examination Notices 22-23View
161.1.1 (b)Academic Calendar College 22-23View
17AQAR 2011-12View
18AQAR 2013-14View
191.1.1 (c) General Time-table 22-23View
201.1.1 (d) Course completion certificate 22-23View
21AQAR 2015-16View
22AQAR 2016-17View
231.1.1 (e) Teachers Diary Anupam 2022-23View
241.1.1 (f) Noble Laureates Books in LibraryView
25AQAR 2017-18View
26AQAR 2018-19View
271.1.1 (g) Admission Committee NoticeView
28AQAR 2019-20View